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Investing in International Sales

Quickfire Films is a sales and acquisition agency - we finance films by acquiring sales agency rights. We subcontract much of the sales process to established names in the industry, to ensure we exploit our films as successfully as we possibly can. We can work with a number of sales agents both in the UK and worldwide.


Our films have won a number of awards worldwide, including an Oscar, an Oscar nomination, 60 further awards and 84 further award nominations.

We acquire movies without specific budget or genre limitations: our only concern is a film's value in the international market.

What we do

Provide films with financeQuickfire will normally advance a production with funds on financial closing, while usually only charging legal fees to the film's budget. Quickfire also provides advances for finished films requiring international minimum guarantees.
Collaborate with sales agents and producersQuickfire has a wealth of intelligence on the international sales market, borne from working with a number of sales agents worldwide and having acquired sales rights in over 20 films.
Finance plan structuringQuickfire has worked with a number of institutional and private investors, often established presences in the industry. We can help structuring finance in the most cost-effective way possible to the producers.
Providing additional finance Quickfire has access to funding to provide other elements of a film's finance plan: tax credit and presale cashflowing, and also has partners who can from time to time provide mezzanine and equity finance.