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  • Director: Renato De Maria
  • Writer:
  • Producer: Luc Dardenne, Jean Pierre Dardenne, Andrea Occhipinti
  • Cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Giovanna Mezzogiorno
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Set during a turbulent period in 1970s Italy, the plot centres on passionate couple Sergio and Susanna, who have been living as fugitives for several years. Pursuing an uncompromising cause as members of the notorious Prima Linea, they have become increasingly alienated from the real world. Their luck finally runs out when Susanna is captured and thrown into a Venice jail with the certainty of a very long sentence. Putting his own life on the line, Sergio embarks on a radical plan...




"Excellent, thoughtful drama about a real-life Italian terrorist movement"
"An elegiac drama about youthful ideals, spent political passion and the Prima Linea."
John Anderson, VARIETY
"The kind of gripping screen treatment one wishes on all contemporary movies dealing with crime, terrorism, people with guns, etc., and this one delivers. Like an Italian Sidney Lumet, director Renato De Maria documents the exploits of one of the most notorious terrorist groups active in 70s/80s era Milan, Naples, and eventually Venice."

"Renato De Maria offers us a film that avoids the dangers of hagiography and instead offers an action film which highlights the shame that comes with terrorist violence and the human factor comes foremost.

Careful to maintain rythm, like in a Lizzani film from the '70s, to emphasize minor characters and to the psychological changes that Mezzogiorno follows with poetic sensitivity, the movie is a window into an Italy that won't give up, the Italy of friends and relatives in pain."



  • 3 Award Nominations
  • 0 Award Wins